polyglot.commonutils common tools used throughout package
polyglot.markdown Generate a markdown rendering from various sources and formats


polyglot.cl_utils Documentation for polyglot can be found here:
polyglot.utKit Unit testing tools


polyglot.ebook The worker class for the ebook module
polyglot.htmlCleaner A parser/cleaner to strip a webpage article of all cruft and neatly present it with some nice css Send documents or webpage articles to a kindle device or app
polyglot.printpdf PDF printer
polyglot.webarchive *Generate a macOS webarchive given the URL to a webpage *
polyglot.markdown.kindle_notebook convert the HTML export of kindle notebooks (from kindle apps) to markdown
polyglot.markdown.translate The Multimarkdown translator object
polyglot.utKit.utKit Override dryx utKit